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At present, the use of fossil fuel including petroleum, natural gas and coal as a source of energy is very important in both the household and industrial sectors. This can be increase the concentration of greenhouse gases causing a greenhouse effect or global warming cause of climate change. And the demand for fossil fuels in particular, the demand of petrol continues to increase. In the same way, the price of fossil fuels has increased.

These serious crises worldwide are determined to solve the problem by reducing pollution, energy use efficienly and conservation.  The Sahakij Charoen International Co., ltd. has been established to be a part of the environment and energy saving. We introduce the best choice and advice to entrepreneurs in the industrial sector in renewable energy and technology including  wood chips, wood pellets, or the biomass production machine such as wood pellet mill for example.

We hope Our company looks forward to the company’s products. It will help to improve production efficiency. Allows industry operators to reduce production costs. And to help reduce pollution. Improve the environment of industrial facilities and the environment of the world.


Company Details

SAHAKIJCHAROEN INTERNATIONAL founded on 21 September 2008 with authorized capital 10,000,000 MB, We are manufacturer and distributor of biomass fuel and biomass production machine.

Our products

Biomass fuel :  Wood Pellet, Woodchips

Biomass production machine : Wood Pellet Mill