Wood Pellets

Wood Pellet is the biomass fuel which made from agricultural waste for example cassava rhizome, corncob, eucalyptus bark and fast growing tree such as acacia tree and eucalyptus tree. Including furniture industry waste such as wood saw dust, wood shavings and wood slab.


For our wood pellets are made from wood saw dust. The raw material will be passing through Chipping , Drying and Grinding Process. Then the output shall be compressed. The finished pellet will be cooled down and packed in bag or stored in bulk with low moisture co ntent. This guarantees that wood pellet shall has efficient combustion and also provide high heating value needed.




Gross Calorific Value (As Received) Above 4,000 Kcal/Kg.
Total Moisture Content (As Received) Below 10%
Ash Below 3%
Size (mm.) Ø8 mm. x L- 20-50 mm.
Bulk Density Above  600 Kg/m³

Advantage of Wood Pellets

1. The price of Wood Pellets is less than other forms of fuel such as oil, LPG and NGV (according to efficiency of boiler.)

2. More efficient fuel than general biomass fuels. It is because Wood Pellets are biomass which pass the process to have high density, high heating value, low moisture content (below 10%), low ash and lower contamination of dust, rock, earth and metal (by using contamination filtering system.) that allows them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency.

3. Lower distribution cost compared to general biomass fuels regarding its higher bulk density. Wood pellets have higher bulk density than general Biomass products Ex. Husk, Wood saw dust, Rice straw causes the transportation in greater bulk and decrease transportation cost.

4. Cleanness and Convenience for containment. Can be contained in Jumbo Bag or Silo. Use smaller dimension of containment than general biomass fuels regarding higher bulk density and there is not any dust diffusion.